The Roadmap to Building Your Perfect Website

Current website review
(If you have an existing website)

To help my clients improve their website's UI/UX and increase conversion rates, I always start by reviewing their current website. This helps identify areas for improvement and sets a baseline for measuring progress. I provide insights on the current UI/UX and where it's lacking, with specific examples such as slow load times or confusing navigation.

After we align on the list of improvements to be made, the next phase involves developing a plan for implementing the changes or designing wireframes to illustrate the proposed improvements. This helps ensure that the website is optimized for user experience and conversion rates are maximized.
Timeline website review

Scope, directions, and expectations

To ensure that I fully understand my clients' needs and expectations, I use a questionnaire and quote form that every client is required to fill out. The questionnaire is designed to gather information about the scope of work, client requirements, and any specific preferences. It covers topics such as project goals, target audience, brand personality, and desired outcomes.

The quote form provides an overview of the project scope, timeline, and budget. It allows me to provide an accurate estimate of the project's cost and helps ensure that both parties are on the same page regarding project expectations and deliverables. By using these tools, I can create a customized plan that meets the client's specific needs and goals.

Project details and estimation

After receiving the filled-out form, I review it to ensure that I have a complete understanding of the client's requirements. If everything is clear, I jump on a call with the client to discuss the project in more detail, answer any questions they may have, or clarify any points in the proposal.

If I have a complete understanding of the client's requirements, I provide them with a detailed proposal for costs and delivery time. This includes a breakdown of costs, timeline for completion, and deliverables included within the scope of work.

If the client wants to get an idea of how much the project might cost before submitting a form, we have a general cost calculator that they can use. The cost calculator allows clients to input information about their project and receive an estimated cost for our services. However, please note that the cost calculator is not a substitute for submitting a form, as it's hard to give an accurate estimate without a complete understanding of the client's requirements.

First concept designs

After finalizing the proposal, I begin the design work. I always start with the main screen design, as it sets the tone for the rest of the website and is the first impression potential customers have of the brand.

Once the project start date has commenced, I begin working on the concept designs, which typically takes up to 7 business days to complete using Figma. I then share the concept designs with you, and we can work together to fine-tune the design and go through a few rounds of revisions.

The number of revision rounds included in my services and the length of each revision round can vary depending on the project scope and client requirements. Typically, we aim to complete the revision process within a reasonable timeline while making meaningful changes to the design. In most scenarios, we end up proceeding with one of the concepts I created, or combining the best elements from the initial 3 revisions to create the final design.

Development stage

Upon finalization and approval of all pages, I can start working on converting the design into a responsive website using WordPress as my CMS. WordPress is the best option for my clients due to its ease of use, flexibility, and extensive customization options. The development process usually takes around 2 weeks.

If you're on my website care plan, I develop directly on the assigned server. This plan includes ongoing maintenance, security updates, and technical support. If you're not on the website maintenance and hosting plan (Spark), I develop on my server and share a preview link with you as soon as I finalize the first working version of the code. You can review the current design and track my development progress.

Once the code is fully finalized, I share it again with you for review, and we work together on any adjustments and bug fixes until everything is as per client requirements and within the scope of the contract. Again, if you've subscribed to Spark, the website is pushed live. If not, the website is sent to you via a zip file with instructions. The entire process from start to finish takes roughly 30 days or less.

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