Surge Social

Surge Social started very small and have grown to be one of the biggest Instagram growth agency, located in Brisbane, Australia. They skyrocketed their appointment booking rates after getting their website was strategically built by Soum Web.
The Surge Social website

Project Goals

Developing an innovative website design which fits the innovative services of Surge Social that helps to capture leads and generate meetings.

Project Features

A bespoke design with optin popups, chatbot for live help and lead generation, customized service forms, and integration of calendar with paid slots for booking consultation meetings.
“Having a website built by Soum and his professional and experienced web development team has been a pivotal point for our success. We’re continuing to grow and dominate our industry and we look forward for Soum Web to help more startups in growing their online business.”
Sam Lucas Surge Social

Sam Lucas - Founder of Surge Social

Surge Social homepage hero mobile

The Results

From November 2019 to February 2022, about 650% more leads have been captured and sales have increased by 180%. And this is just the start. We will continue working with Surge Social to improve conversions.
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Coaching Calls Surge Social
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